Announcing a new appointment: Emma Liu

Posted by Benefitz Admin on March 21 2017 in News

As we bid farewell to Raymond Huo (a new Member of Parliament), we welcome Emma Liu – our Asian Practice Development Manager.

Since her early post-university training in the city of Shanghai, Emma has traversed successful careers in financial services, marketing and property portfolio investment. Her stock market analysis was so popular that she once hosted her own radio show which drew a variety of audience. She later became a marketing director of one of China’s largest network-based manufacturers and distributors of healthy products.

Her cross-cultural awareness has been instrumental in helping her to gain an in-depth knowledge of Asian practice development.

Emma’s experience and expertise will be instrumental in helping us provide consistent and continued quality service to our multi-cultural clients.

t +64 9 300 8759
m +64 21 251 6121

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